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Moving around National Heart Centre Singapore

Welcome to the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS)! 

For your ease of navigation around NHCS, please refer to our below Directory Listing of our NHCS building.

Click here for the operating hours and contact numbers for our key services.

Directory Listing

(Carpark Linkway to Outram Community Hospital (OCH)/SingHealth Tower)




(Underpass to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Campus)


Vehicles Drop-off/Pick-up

Shuttle Bus/Taxi

​Ambulance Drop-off Point

Security Office


​2A | Pharmacy

2B | Clinical Laboratory (Blood Test)

NCCS Clinic F @ NHCS



​3A | Operating Theatres

3B | Mechanical Circulatory Support, Heart and Lung Transplant Unit

National Cardiovascular Homograft Bank

​4A | Cardiac Imaging (MIBI / MUGA / MRI)

4B | Cardiac Clinic B

4C | SNEC Eye Clinic @ NHCS

4D | Right Siting Office

4E | Admissions Office / Pre-Admission Tests Centre

4E |Medical Reports Unit


5A | Cardiac Clinic A

5B | Cardiac Laboratory 1

5C | Cardiac Laboratory 2

5C | Vascular Laboratory

5D | Cardiac Radiology (CT / MRI / X-Ray)


6A | Short Stay Unit (SSU)

6A | SNEC Eye Clinic@ NHCS (Dayward)

6B | Medical Social Services Department

6C | Business Office

Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab 1)

Tissue Processsing Facility


Lecture Theatre

Tutorial Rooms

KKH Rehabilitation Centre

National Dental Research Institute Singapore (NDRIS)


8A | SAF Cardiac Fitness Centre

8B | Cardiac Physiotherapy Services

8B | Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Lecture Theatre


Metabolomics @ Duke-NUS

National Heart Research Institute Singapore Research Laboratory

SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM)


Casemix Unit

National Heart Research Institute Singapore

Singapore Cardiac Data Bank

SingHealth Group (Medical) Offices

L11 - L12


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