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NHCS Heart To Heart Gala 2024

"Dream Beyond"

Imagine a world where longer and healthier lives exist. Imagine a world free of cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease is a leading cause of mortality worldwide, affecting millions of individuals and families each year. Patients with heart disease would require long-term medication, treatment and/or implanted devices to sustain their lives. Behind each patient that NHCS sees is a story of struggle, hope and resilience. 

We believe that dreams hold immense power in transforming lives, providing hope, and enabling individuals to reach their fullest potential. Join us for an evening of inspiration and wonder at the 5th NHCS Heart To Heart Gala on 15 November 2024 at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore as we come together to turn our dreams of “a world free of cardiovascular disease” into reality, and celebrate the courage and resilience of our heart patients in their health journey!


Help Us Save Lives from Cardiovascular Disease

Your generous contribution will make a difference to our patients and enable us to pursue better patient care and innovation in cardiovascular medicine, ultimately saving lives. Funds raised from the Heart To Heart Gala will go to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund towards supporting the following four causes:

1. Providing financial support to needy patients who have exhausted all other sources of financial aid. 
2. Subsidising novel treatments for patients who are not suitable to receive conventional treatments.
3. Supporting medical research for innovation and betterment of heart health.
4. Nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals through education.

Eligible donations will enjoy a 250% tax deduction. 

Your Gift Holds Infinite Possibilities

We believe the work NHCS is doing provides opportunities for us to advance cardiac care, and we invite you to support our mission to save and improve lives.

Together, we can work towards co-creating a better future for heart patients of today and tomorrow!

A Trip Down Memory Lane: