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Inpatient / Day Surgery

We take a holistic approach on your medical needs.

To help you arrange for your admission, you will find in this section, general information on our procedures and policies. Learn about the services and facilities that we provide to make your hospital stay a comfortable and convenient and experience.

Thank you for choosing the National Heart Centre Singapore as your heart care provider. Our staff will do their best to make your stay at the hospital a pleasant experience. We hope the following information will help you to familiarise with the admission process.

Before Your Stay

Except for emergency cases, patients are admitted to National Heart Centre Singapore only on recommendation from their medical specialist from the Specialist Outpatient Clinic. Once a date for admission is confirmed, patients are accommodated and register themselves for their desired accommodation class.


On the Day of Admission

On the day of your admission, please proceed to the location as informed. Please remember to bring the ORIGINAL documents of the following:

  • Inpatient Admission Authorisation Form
  • NRIC / Birth Certificate (if you are under 15 years old), Entry and Re-entry Permit or Passport (if you are a non-resident)
  • Completed MediSave Authorisation Form
  • Medical Benefits Documents (please see table below)

What to Bring for Your Stay

  • Pyjamas and dressing gowns if you do not wish to wear the hospital’s pyjamas.
  • Slippers and toiletries (eg. soap, shampoo, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste) and face towel.
  • Medications you are currently taking so that the doctor is aware of the medications you are on.

What Not to Bring

Please DO NOT bring excessive cash or other valuables like jewellery or handphone. If you have these items when you are admitted, please arrange for them to be taken home or hand them to the nurse-in-charge for safekeeping. NHCS will not be responsible for the loss of the valuables and cash kept in the ward.

Deposits and Payments

A deposit is required at the time of admission to cover part of or the entire estimated hospital bill. You will be advised on the deposit required during the financial counselling session at our Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC) / Business Office.

You can pay your deposit either by cash, NETS, local cheque or credit card. If you are a non-resident, the deposit may be paid by cash, credit card or through a telegraphic transfer.

You are exempted from paying a deposit if:

  • you can produce any of the following: Civil Service (CS) Card / Public Service (PS) Card, Medical Benefit Identification Memorandum (MBIM), Hospitalisation Identity Card (HIC), Letter of Guarantee (LOG); and
  • you have adequate MediSave funds to co-pay the hospital bill, and the hospital bill does not exceed the MediSave withdrawal limit.

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