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Inpatient / Day Surgery

We take a holistic approach on your medical needs.

To help you arrange for your admission, you will find in this section, general information on our procedures and policies. Learn about the services and facilities that we provide to make your hospital stay a comfortable and convenient and experience.

Thank you for choosing the National Heart Centre Singapore as your heart care provider. Our staff will do their best to make your stay at the hospital a pleasant experience. We hope the following information will help you to familiarise with the admission process.

Before Your Stay

Except for emergency cases, patients are admitted to National Heart Centre Singapore only on recommendation from their medical specialist from the Specialist Outpatient Clinic. Once a date for admission is confirmed, patients are accommodated and register themselves for their desired accommodation class.


On the Day of Admission

On the day of your admission, please proceed to the location as informed. Please remember to bring the ORIGINAL documents of the following:

  • Inpatient Admission Authorisation Form
  • NRIC / Birth Certificate (if you are under 15 years old), Entry and Re-entry Permit or Passport (if you are a non-resident)
  • Completed MediSave Authorisation Form
  • Medical Benefits Documents (please see table below)

What to Bring for Your Stay

  • Pyjamas and dressing gowns if you do not wish to wear the hospital’s pyjamas.
  • Slippers and toiletries (eg. soap, shampoo, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste) and face towel.
  • Medications you are currently taking so that the doctor is aware of the medications you are on.

What Not to Bring

Please DO NOT bring excessive cash or other valuables like jewellery or handphone. If you have these items when you are admitted, please arrange for them to be taken home or hand them to the nurse-in-charge for safekeeping. NHCS will not be responsible for the loss of the valuables and cash kept in the ward.

Deposits and Payments

A deposit is required at the time of admission to cover part of or the entire estimated hospital bill. You will be advised on the deposit required during the financial counselling session at our Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC) / Business Office.

You can pay your deposit either by cash, NETS, local cheque or credit card. If you are a non-resident, the deposit may be paid by cash, credit card or through a telegraphic transfer.

You are exempted from paying a deposit if:

  • you can produce any of the following: Civil Service (CS) Card / Public Service (PS) Card, Medical Benefit Identification Memorandum (MBIM), Hospitalisation Identity Card (HIC), Letter of Guarantee (LOG); and
  • you have adequate MediSave funds to co-pay the hospital bill, and the hospital bill does not exceed the MediSave withdrawal limit.


Our staff will orientate you to the ward and facilities available when you arrive. You will then be clerked by the ward doctor which involves taking a detailed medical history and ordering of tests, if necessary.

Daily Ward Routine

The daily routine in the ward includes activities such as ward rounds by doctors, medication, meals, visiting hours and bedtime. However this routine may vary as laboratory tests, X-ray, treatment and other procedures will take place when required.

Wrist Identification Band

You will be given a wrist identification band with your name, NRIC and ward number to wear. Please wear it at all times while you are in the hospital as it enables the staff to confirm your identity.

Ward Facilities and Services

Electric Bed

Electric beds are currently available in all A, B1 and B2 class wards. The control buttons for adjusting bed positions and other functions are found on both sides of the bed.

Overbed Table

The overbed table is specially designed to enable you to eat or write while in bed, or sitting on a chair. To adjust the height of the tabletop, release the lever beneath the table and lift / lower the tabletop gently. These tables are attached with wheel castors with locks so that the table can be secured when needed.

Call Bell

A call bell is attached to your bed panel. Please use it to call for assistance from the ward staff.

Patients' Lockers

Lockers equipped with digital lock are available at your bedside for the safekeeping of your belongings.

Food Service

We cater for Chinese, Indian/Muslim and Western diets. Patients in Class A and B1 wards can choose from a selection of menu presented through the TV menu available on our in-house TV channel 3, which runs throughout the day.

All our meals are specially planned by our dietitians to provide a balanced nutritional intake and meet your medical requirements. Special diets are also available to patients who need specific diet control or have special therapeutic needs. Please feel free to approach the ward nurses if you need to arrange for a consultation with our dietitians.

Telephone Services

There are card and coin telephones located at the entrances of the wards. There are also coin telephones along the corridors of Class B2 rooms. Bedside telephones are also available in single and 4-bed rooms. For local calls, please dial '9' followed by the telephone number. For overseas calls, please dial '0' for assistance from the operator. Please note that the telephone charges for overseas calls are not claimable through MediSave or insurance schemes.

Mobile Phones

We discourage the use of mobile phones in the wards as they may interfere with the medical equipment used to monitor the patients. Please request your visitors to turn off their handphones when they are in the ward.

Please note that the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CTICU), High Dependency (HD) wards and Intermediate Care Area (ICA).

In-house Entertainment

Radio, television and cable programmes are available in the wards.

Sleeper Units

Sleeper units are available for single rooms ar a rental fee. These are available for use from 9.00pm to 7.00am daily. Please approach the ward nurse for assistance.

Hospitality Services

The following services can be provided upon request (on a fee-for-service basis) to help make your stay more convenient and comfortable.

  • Transport Service (transfer to the hospital from the hotel or airport can be arranged to ensure that you have a smooth connection)
  • In-house barber
  • Business Centre Services
  • Return to home country arrangements

For foreign patients who have not fully recovered to travel unassisted, our staff can make arrangements for you to return to your home country. A suitable medical assistance company would be contacted to provide complete transportation and medical coverage for your trip.

Clinical Related Information

Consultant-based Care

We practise team-based approach consultation, a common practice in other restructured hospitals.

During your stay with us, you will be attended to by a team of doctors comprising specialists assisted by Registrars and Medical Officers.

Consent Form

By coming to the Hospital, you have given general agreement to general diagnostic procedures and treatment which may be required for your condition. You are required to give specific consent to all invasive procedures and surgeries.

Before you sign on a consent form, our staff will explain to you the nature of the procedure/surgery to ensure that you have understood what is involved.

Updates on Your Medical Condition

Your medical records and information on your medical condition are confidential. We will only share this information with you and your next-of-kin. If your immediate family members wish to know more about your condition, they can approach the nurse-in-charge to arrange for a convenient time to meet the doctor. However, as it is not possible for our doctor to update all your family members who visit you at different times, you may wish to appoint one family member to be the representative to discuss any issue with the doctor.

Leaving the Hospital Premises

We advise that you remain within the hospital premises until you are discharged by your doctor. If you have to leave the ward for any reason, please inform the nurse-in-charge. Patients who wish to be discharged against a doctor's advice would be required to sign an AOR (At Own Risk) form.

Visiting Hours

To ensure that you and other patients have adequate rest, we request that your visitors visit you during the visiting hours from 12.00pm - 2.00pm and 5.00pm - 8.30pm. Generally not more than four visitors may visit you at any one time during visiting hours. We also request that your visitors be sensitive to the needs of other patients during the visiting hours. We discourage visitors from bringing children and babies to the wards especially the High Depency wards, Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Area.

Visiting the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The ICU is a restricted area as the patients here are critically ill and require intensive monitoring. We allow only two visitors at any one time during visiting hours.

Caregivers' Training

NHCS provides training for caregivers which includes relatives and maids. Qualified trainers will provide information on how to assist the sick or disabled person to bathe, feed, change positions in bed, transfer from bed to chair or vice versa.

There is a fee charged for the caregivers' training. Please approach the ward nurse for more information.

Teaching and Training

Being the tertiary centre for heart disease, our doctors are involved in the training of young doctors in this field of specialty. There may be times when trainee doctors and nurses make their rounds during your stay. We hope you can give your cooperation to these staff when they make their rounds.


Smoking is strictly prohibited within the hospital grounds by law. Any offenders will be fined.

Safety Precautions

For a safe and pleasant stay at the NHCS, we would greatly appreciate it if you would observe the following precautions.

  • Read our fall prevention tips here.
  • Please do not attempt to remove or adjust any devices around or on you without seeking approval from the nurse.
  • If you had undergone a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery or valve replacement / repair, avoid pressure on the breastbone and do not use your arms for lifting or moving about until otherwise advised.
  • If you had undergone a coronary angiography or balloon angioplasty (PTCA), you are required to stay in bed for at least four to six hours after the procedure to prevent bleeding at the puncture site.

Our Staff

During your stay with us, our team of healthcare professionals will look after you. Here are some of the staff whom you may encounter during your stay here.

The Medical Team

Specialist (Registrar/Associate Consultant/Senior Consultant)

They are our specialist doctors who possess postgraduate qualifications in the field of cardiology or cardiothoracic surgery.

Medical Officer

They are our qualified doctors who assist the specialist doctors and senior doctors in their clinical work.

The Nursing Team

Senior Nurse Manager/Nurse Manager

They are senior nurses who supervise the wards or clinics. They wear a pastel pink uniform with a pink striped trimming at the front neckline.

Senior Staff Nurse/Staff Nurse

They are qualified nurses who provide nursing care and treatments for you. Their off-white uniforms have a pink striped trimming at the front neckline.

Enrolled Nurse (EN)

They assist the staff nurses in providing nursing care. Their off-white uniforms have a pink striped trimming at the sleeves.


Your doctor will inform you when you are certified fit for discharge. It is advisable that you make arrangements with a family member or friend to accompany you home on the day of discharge.

A discharge summary will be given to you before you leave the ward. If you need a medical certificate, please inform the doctor or nurse in advance so that it can be prepared before you leave. If medication is needed, it will be dispensed to you at your bedside.

Check-out Time

The check-out time is at 1.00 pm. Additional ward charges will be levied if you stay beyond the check-out time. However, if you need to wait for someone to take you home, you can wait at the Ward’s Day Room at no additional charge.

Follow-up Care and Appointment

Once your discharge is confirmed, the Ward Clerk will arrange a date for your follow-up appointment (if any). The ward nurse will give you your discharge summary (diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition), medical certificate (MC) and educational pamphlets on the continuation of care at home. Should you need to reschedule your outpatient appointment, please call our NHCS Call Centre at Tel: (65) 6704 2000 or email is at


Upon discharge, you can request for a copy of the interim bill from our Business Office staff. Your final hospital bill will be sent to you by mail.

You can also pay your bills online. Our online payment service provides you with greater flexibility and convenience in paying your medical bills using VISA or MasterCard credit card. Click here to pay online.

You can settle your bills by mail or in person at the following locations:

  • SGH Business Office Block 4, Level 1
  • NHCS Business Office, 5 Hospital Drive, Level 6, 6A

For international patients, we request that you settle the hospital bill before leaving the hospital.