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Our Career Choices


Our doctors work in high-performing multidisciplinary teams to provide quality cardiovascular care for our patients. They provide a comprehensive suite of clinical services to our patients, to cater to different heart health needs.


Nurses are an integral part of our healthcare system. Beyond clinical care, they are our 'guardian angels' who provide the highest quality and round-the-clock care, emotional support and comfort to our patients and their caregivers.

To learn more on our Nursing profession, visit here.


Our Research team includes clinician scientists and researchers who are dedicated to improve treatments with basic, translational and clinical research.

Allied Health Professionals

Our AHPs provide a wide range of cardiology diagnostic, investigative, therapeutic and support services that are critical to patient care. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, they are empowered to make independent assessments and decisions on patient care.

Management and Administration

While our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals deliver the best and safest care for patients on the frontline, our group of healthcare administrators work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to ensure the smooth running of NHCS.

Ancillary and Support

Our Ancillary and Support staff perform operational support functions and play an active and important role in enhancing our patients' and customers' experience.


We are the Employer of Choice

“Working in NHCS has allowed me to apply my medical knowledge from human anatomy, physiology to specialised IT skills to maneuver the machines, and even soft skills in dealing with patients. I have learned many new things and gained invaluable experience working alongside with the Doctors, Nurses, and other Allied Health professionals. I enjoy working in NHCS!” 

Mr James Tan, Radiographer, Cardiac Radiology 

“I have a great sense of belonging to this organisation, having been here for more than 3 years. In this dynamic and fast changing society, Medical Social Services (MSS) is always ready to make changes and develop new programmes to meet the needs of our underprivileged patients and their family members. The comradeship among the colleagues in this department is amazingly strong. I enjoy the cohesion and commitment whenever MSS embarks on a project.” 

Ms Tan Boon Cheng, Master Medical Social Worker, Medical Social Services


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