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Your Gift at Work

​The Ripple Effect of Giving

For philanthropy to come full circle, the support of donors is crucial. For without them, financially burdened patients may not stand a second chance at life.

Because you gave

At NHCS, we raise funds for the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund (H2H Fund) and the Cardiovascular Sciences Academic Medical Programme (CVS ACP). The former supports patient care such as aiding financially needy patients and subsidising the cost of new treatment modalities, whilst the latter aims to advance research and education in heart care and possibly enjoys a one-for-one matching.

With ischaemic heart diseases being the third principle cause of death in Singapore, the waiting list for help grows longer each day.

Just as 'Every drop makes an ocean', each gift counts and no matter what the amount is, it has the power to create effects much grander than the original scale – this is the ripple effect.

A gift to help

In FY17, through generous donations from the public and staff, NHCS raised $1.088 million. While it sounds like a large sum, some $1.318 million was disbursed instead. The shortfall was drawn from past years' balance. This is not sustainable in the long run and we need to raise enough to ensure that our programmes and initiatives are able to run continuously.

The following infographic will help you understand NHCS' fundraising and disbursement activities for the past financial year.

(Click on poster to expand)

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