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The National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) offers the option of remotely attending your medical appointment via a Tele-Consultation, such as a phone or video consultation. Through this phone or video call, advice will be given to you on the appropriate management of your medical condition under our care.

With Tele-Consultation, you do not need to make a physical visit to our NHCS clinic for your appointment, and will be connected to your healthcare professional over a phone call or a secured video conferencing platform for the remote consultation.

Following the session, follow-up appointments will be booked for you (if necessary), medications will be sent via courier to your address, and you can settle your outstanding bill for the consultation via our convenient e-payment options.

Benefits of Tele-Consultation

The aims of the Tele-Consultation are to:

  1. Improve your access to care in the comfort of your own homes.
  2. Save your time and money from traveling and waiting at the clinic.
  3. Ensure that you receive timely review of your medical condition even when there may be operational restrictions or limitations that affect the provision of face-to-face consultation for example during times of infectious disease outbreak.

Eligibility for Tele-Consultation

If this is your first-time consultation, you will have to be seen in-person.

For follow-up consultations, the health care team/ providers will review and assess your medical condition(s) before offering Tele-Consultation. Please note that not all healthcare professionals offer Tele-Consultations and not all patient cases are suitable.

Before the Tele-Consultation

Phone option

  1. Our staff will fix an appointment for your phone consultation with your doctor. An SMS will also be sent to you to confirm your appointment.

Video option

  1. You will receive a user guide via email on how to access and download Zoom.
  2. You will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with camera and a proper internet connection. Please note that any hardware/connection costs will be borne by you.

During the Tele-Consultation

  1. We will confirm your identity (i.e. your full name and NRIC). Please have your NRIC ready for verification.   
  2. Your doctor will then proceed with the consultation.

The following clinical care team members will be present during the video-consultation: your doctor and clinic assistant(s).

Confidentiality of Personal Data

Personal Data collected, used or disclosed for telephone or video consultation will be kept confidential. There will be no screenshots, photographs, audio and video recordings done by NHCS and patient during the consultation with any means without prior agreement.

For more information on Personal Data Protection Act, please click here.

Other Service Available:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Phone option: On your given appointment date and time frame, your doctor will call you for your medical consultation.

    Video option: Please download the Zoom application prior to the consultation. An eAppointment link will be send to you via email/SMS to connect to the video call. Please ensure the safe-keeping of the link, and prevent any unauthorised access. Please enter the session by clicking on the link 10 minutes before your scheduled time and wait for your doctor. If you are late, you may miss your consultation and will be called for a reschedule.

  2. Please ensure that you are in a private place that is quiet with no other persons present except for authorised caregivers (if required).

  3. Please inform your doctor of any allergies and changes to your medical condition or medications since your last consultation.

  4. In the event that the doctor is delayed, you will receive a phone call from NHCS clinic to keep you updated.
As your doctor will not be able to examine you physically or take your vital signs during the Tele-Consultation, they are dependent on you providing true, accurate, current and complete information about your condition. Withholding any information may affect the level of care and follow-up services, such as medication and appointments, given to you.

If you feel that Tele-Consultation is inadequate to address your medical condition, you may terminate the Tele-Consultation at any time, and arrange for an in-person clinic visit. If your doctor feels that your symptoms warrant an in-person consultation, you will be directed for an appointment at the relevant specialist outpatient clinic or advised to visit the nearest Emergency Department.
Depending on your condition, you may be deemed fit to be discharged, or you may be advised to do one of the following after your Tele-Consultation:
  • Attend another follow-up video or phone consultation at a later date.
  • Attend an in-person clinic visit to assess your condition further.
  • Proceed to the nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E) immediately.
  • Make an appointment at your local Polyclinic or General Practitioner (GP) clinic.
This is an optional service available to you. If you do not wish to participate in Tele-Consultations, you may choose to continue with in-person consultations.

If you are acutely unwell, do not wait for a Tele-Consultation. Please proceed to your nearest polyclinic, GP clinic or Emergency Department.
You may choose one of the following sign up methods:
  • Speak to your attending doctor or nurse during your next visit.
  • Sign up through our Tele-Consultation form here.