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Cardiovascular Genetics Service

The NHCS Cardiovascular Genetics (CVG) service provides care for patients and their families who have been diagnosed, or are suspected to have, an inherited cardiac condition. 

The service offers a comprehensive genetic screening process comprising pre-test counselling, interpretation of the genetic test and follow-up, including screening of close and extended family, as part of the early diagnosis plan.

The CVG service sees the following types of patients:
  • Individuals with a family history of an inherited cardiac condition, sudden death, and/or a known causative genetic variant;
  • Individuals with an established clinical diagnosis who would like to understand why they developed a cardiac condition and/or the risk to family members or future children; and 
  • Individuals whose aetiology and associated cardiac condition is not clear

Read more about the service here.

Contact Us

For enquiries and to make an appointment, please contact: 
Tel: 6704 2000
Fax: 6222 9258