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Pre-Admission Procedure

Before Admission

Admission to the hospital is by appointment as recommended by the specialist during your outpatient consultation. 

Pre-Admission Tests

You will be given appointments for
  • Routine tests such as blood tests and X-rays etc.
  • Autologous blood collection if you wish to save your own blood for use during your surgery.

Nominate Blood Donors

Please arrange three to four individuals with similar blood types to prepare to donate blood to you. Having blood donors is important since you require blood to replace the amount used during surgery.

Stop Smoking

You are strongly advised to stop smoking before your operation. Smoking makes it difficult to clear your secretions after surgery and is dangerous to your health and recovery. 

Select Your Accommodation

Our financial counsellors will advise you on the types of accommodation available, as well as the deposit required. They will also advise you on the various surgical and implant charges that will be incurred during your stay.

Availability of the room type will be confirmed at the time of your admission. If we are unable to admit you to the room type of your choice, we will transfer you to your preferred room type as soon as it is available.

If you have not been given a financial counselling and information on your estimated bill, please approach our Business Office / Specialist Outpatient Clinic.

For more information on the types of wards, click here.