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Inpatient Charges

NHCS Inpatient Charges


  • Fees quoted are inclusive of 7% GST and applicable to Singapore citizens only.
  • Fees quoted are subject to change without notice.
  • Inpatient fees/charges shown for B2 and C class wards are based on assumption that patient receives maximum Government subsidy (inclusive of GST).
  • The Institution shall be entitled at its discretion to offset credit balance under the relevant bill against any liability of the patient in respect of any other bill(s) before making a refund.

Make Your Payment Online

A convenient one-stop online payment service for you to check outstanding bills and manage your payments.

To pay outstanding bills online, patients can follow these simple steps:

  1. To pay online, click the button below:

  2. View outstanding bills online.
  3. Choose to pay by:
     A) Credit Card or Debit Card (VISA / MASTERCARD)
     B) ENETS Direct Debit (Internet Banking)

For more details and information on Medisave scheme, please visit here.

For details about various healthcare financing schemes and subsidies available in Singapore, please visit here.

For financial assistance, please visit here.

Our Covid-19 Healthcare Heroes

Our Covid-19 Healthcare Heroes

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