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Clinical Studies Support



Clinical studies support Core will provide support for translational and clinical studies recruiting subjects across the CG Research Themes at NHCS. It aims to attract external funding from academic collaborators and industry-sponsored clinical studies.

The Key Functions:

  • To provide supplementary CRC support for recruitment of subjects by research theme PIs who undertake clinical research studies.
  • To provide clinical study oversight and management in terms of;

    • Applying for regulatory (HSA) and ethics (IRB) approvals
    • Maintaining source documents and proper housekeeping
    • Adverse event reporting and compliance with all safety guidelines
    • Close monitoring and follow up of subjects according to study design/protocol

    • Facilitate study closure

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       Clin Assoc Prof David Sim           Miss Florence Ang                   Miss Salma Asali                    Miss Leow Wanshan   



    This core will support research themes and integrate with other cores:

    • Recruitment of healthy subjects and cardiometabolic diseases patients needed for Advanced Cardiometabolic Imaging Core (#3), Diabetes and Heart failure theme (#3).
    • Collection of blood samples from healthy subjects and cardiometabolic diseases patients for metabolomics analysis by the Genomics and Metabolomics Core (#4).

          • Collection of blood samples to generate iPSCs from healthy subjects and cardiometabolic disease patients for Cardiometabolic Disease models Core (#2), Heart Protection theme (#2), Diabetes and Heart failure theme (#3).
          • Recruit patients for EA-CABG study to investigate whether electro-acupuncture is cardioprotective in cardiac surgery patients Heart Protection theme (#2).


                Our core is supported by a team of management staff and senior/clinical research coordinators. We function as a team to operate and coordinate clinical research projects to ensure smooth operation of the projects are conducted in accordance to good clinical practice.

                Our management team assist PIs in grant applications, budget planning and tracking of regulatory/ethics approval status. We worked closely with external vendors in negotiating contract agreements, budget costing as well as managing their expectations and milestones accordingly. We monitor the progress of the project and communicate regularly with all stakeholders to ensure successful completion of the project. We provide supervision, guidance and training as needed to all staff to execute and meet the projects standard accordingly.

                The coordinators play a vital role in managing the projects to ensure study compliance and strict adherence to good clinical practices. They communicate regularly with external monitors for projects initiation, protocol and recruitment matters, data queries resolution, safety reporting and project completion. They assist the PI in all the projects related follow-up visits (clinic or phone contact) and all research administrative matters including compiling and generating clinical study reports, annual study report for all projects to CIRB, grant authority if applicable.

                Research Area

                Our core provides expertise and manpower support to various industry sponsored clinical trials and Investigator-Initiated research studies. Some are of significant importance and impactful which includes but not limit to the following:

                1. A multi-national and multicenter trial comparing the effect of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose on hospitalizations and mortality in iron-deficient patients admitted for acute heart failure. The research findings have been translated into clinical practice in NHCS and benefits heart failure patients so that they can lead better life and reduce re-admission to hospitals.

                2. A 3-year, SG$6million program (APOLLO study) designed to build an AI-driven CT Coronary Angiography platform for automated anonymization, reporting, Agatston scoring and plaque quantification in CAD. It is a "one-stop" platform spanning from diagnosis to clinical, management and prognosis, and aid in predicting therapy response in the pharmaceutical industries.

                3. A longitudinal study, known as the Cardiac Ageing study, began in 2014 and involved more than 1000 participants.
                  It aimed to study the characteristics of how the heart ages, in both structure and function, in the local population.

                4. A Phase 2A, multicenter trial (PITRI Trial) involving 6 public hospitals began in 2017, to assess whether Cangrelor administered prior to reperfusion would reduce acute MI size and MVO as assessed by Cardiac MRI.

                5. A multicenter study (FFRB Study) designed to determine the diagnostic performance of noninvasive fractional flow reserve (FFRB and FFRAM) with CCTA data in patients with intermediate coronary artery disease (CAD), as compared to an invasive FFR reference standard.

                6. A multicenter study (MYOVAx study) involved 8 public hospitals designed to study understand the pathophysiology of myocarditis associated with COVID19 vaccines.

                7. The ATTRaCT programme aims to build on Singapore’s competitive advantages in advanced cardiac imaging, genetic and molecular studies to develop "one-stop" platform spanning from human to large and small animal models, dedicated to deepening our understanding of CV disease progression, discovery of new targets and repurposing of drugs. The ATTRaCT platform integrates, for the first time, top expertise in CV clinical and biomedical sciences across the entire nation, by partnering each BMRC RI (SBIC, GIS, SIgN, IMCB) with each of the 2 only national heart institutions (NHCS, NUHCS) as well as academic institutions (NUS, Duke-NUS). ATTRaCT exploits current capacity around the unique Singapore-led ASIAN-HF network involving 6 site within Singapore (NUHCS, NHCS, TTSH, CGH, KTPH, SGH)

                8. ADOPT is a prospective multinational randomized open-label, parallel group, active-controlled, two-arm, long-term morbidity and mortality trial involving 6 Asian regions (Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, United Arab Emirates; estimated 4-6 sites each) to test if intensive preventive treatment strategy (high renin angiotensin system [RAASi], beta-blockade, SGLT2i) may be associated with reduced cardiovascular (CV) events compared to standard of care.

                        We assisted one of our investigator initiated study SingHEART project to collaborate with Nestec (research arm of Nestlé) to start a new sub-study called ARROW, which recruited 100 healthy individuals from the SingHEART cohort for a food challenge study. This is a novel collaboration where investigations on phenotypic and genotypic correlations come together with nutritional factors and serves as an example of how we attract external funding from industry partner for our clinical research studies.

                        We also provided recruitment support to our institution MOH registered tissue bank- NHCS Biobank since 2013. As of 31 Dec 2021, we assist in recruiting 5138 participants to donate biological samples to NHCS Biobank for future research.



                        1. HEALTH AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (HBMS) INDUSTRY ALIGNMENT FUND PRE-POSITIONING (IAF-PP) - $7185,600 (inclusive overhead)

                        2. MOH COVID-19 Research Fund - S$398,963.50 (inclusive overhead)

                        3. A*STAR BMRC STRATEGIC POSITIONING FUND (SPF) - $2,846,250.00

                        4. NMRC CLINICAL TRIAL GRANT – INDUSTRY COLLABORATIVE TRIALS SCHEME (CTG-ICT) - $1,500,000, inclu. 20% Indirect Research Cost (IRC)


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