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Outpatient Charges

Services Private Patients (Singaporeans / Permanent Residents)
Subsidised Patients
(Singaporeans / Permanent Residents)

Consultation by
First Consultation
​Repeat Consultation First or Repeat Consultation
Senior Consultant

S​$40 to S$60
​ ​
​Associate Consultant



  • Fees quoted are applicable to Singapore residents only.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • The Institution shall be entitled at its discretion to offset credit balance under the relevant bill against any liability of the patient in respect of any other bill(s) before making a refund.

Updated: 1 December 2021

Making Your Payment

Click here to find out the various ways to check outstanding bills and manage your payments.

Medisave, Healthcare Schemes & Subsidies

For details and information on 
  • Medisave scheme, please visit here.
  • Various healthcare schemes and subsidies available in Singapore, please visit here.

For financial assistance, please visit here.

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