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Frequently Asked Questions

Medication Delivery Service

You must be a registered patient of NHCS who is on long-term medication and must not be on psychotropic medication (ie. not on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication).
This service is open to all registered patients of NHCS residing at a local address and on long term maintenance medication.
Only NHCS prescription orders are eligible. We only supply items in our centre's drug list.
You can do so either by faxing us at 6844 9089, or calling our customer service hotline at 6704 8032 at least 3 working days before the date of delivery.
If you don't have a current original prescription slip, please contact our clinics at 6704 2211 to request for a new prescription indicating for courier service. We will then process your request and our doctors will prepare a new prescription slip for you. Please allow at least 3 working days for this. Upon completion, we will then submit your prescription slip to the pharmacy for the delivery service. Please note that all prescription slips are valid for one year.
You may be required to take an INR blood test for your repeat prescription if you are on warfarin. This is important since the right amount of warfarin ensures that you do not suffer a blood clot or that your blood becomes too thin. If you are unable to come down to the National Heart Centre Singapore for your INR test, you can do so at any nearby GP or polyclinic and fax the results back to the staff whom you have requested the prescription from.
All payments are recommended to be made online through various methods such as AXS, PayLah, Healthhub/Health Buddy.