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Preparing for Your Consultation

How to prepare for your doctor appointment 

If you have been requested to perform any tests or scans, please complete them before your doctor appointment.
If you are required to fast before your doctor appointment, please follow the specific instructions that were shared with you.

If you need help, please call 6704 2000 during office hours.

What to bring for your visit

Please bring along your: 

  • Outpatient Appointment Card (for existing patients)
  • Proof of resident status: Singapore NRIC, Birth Certificate (if you are under 15) or Passport and Employment Pass / Work Permit / Dependent pass (for foreign patients only)
  • Referral letter from your referring doctor  
  • Civil Service Card / Public Service Card (for civil servants and their dependants only)
  • Any other Medical Benefits Eligibility Card/documents

If this is your first visit, please bring along the items listed above and:

  • Referral letter from your polyclinic / other healthcare institutions/ private doctor
  • Medication, if any
  • X-ray and investigation records (within the last 6 months), if any

My Visit – HealthBuddy App 

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Download SingHealth's HealthBuddy App and use My Visit*, to prepare for your consultation today!

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