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Home INR Monitoring

​Caring For You Remotely Over A Phone Call

Self-Testing and Monitoring INR (International Normalised Ratio) at Home

  • Allows our care team to continue to care for you without you making a visit.
  • Saves you time from travelling and waiting to do a lab test.
  • Gives you more time to rest at home and reduces your caregiver’s absence from work.

How is it done?

Assessment & Training

Upon enrolment into the programme*, our care team will teach you how to use the self-test meter, download a web application and perform the test.

INR Self-Test Reminder

You will receive an SMS reminder to do a self-test. Upon completion of the test, results will be transmitted via the web app.

Phone Consultation

Our care team will call you the next working day about your INR results and check your well-being e.g. symptoms, bleeding signs, lifestyle, diet and medications. You will be advised on dosage titration, if required, and the next self-test schedule and appointment.

For more information on the Home INR Monitoring service, please speak to your care team.

*Prior to enrolment, our care team will assess your readiness for the programme. You would require to have a self-testing meter and smartphone for this programme. Fees are applicable for consultation and test consumables.

This is an optional service available to you. If you do not wish to participate in a phone consultation, you may choose to continue with in-person consultation#.

If you are acutely unwell, do not wait for a tele-consultation. Please proceed to your nearest polyclinic, GP clinic or Emergency Department.

#For Appointment matters, you may contact us at