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Neurogenetics - Symptoms

Neurogenetics - Causes and Risk Factors

Neurogenetics - Diagnosis

​Genetic testing can involve testing one single gene, a panel of genes, or a more comprehensive whole exome/genome testing. Costs of these test vary significantly.

When you are suspected of having a genetic disorder, you will be referred to a Genetics Clinic for genetic counselling. This would involve a discussion of the disorder that you are suspected of having, the possible long term effects of the disease, possible causes, and recommended genetic test. You will be given time to think about whether you wish to proceed with testing or not. If you are certain about proceeding with testing, it can be arranged on the same visit, but if not, another clinic visit will be scheduled for you to decide about testing. Genetic testing commonly will involve a blood test that will be sent to a local or overseas lab for processing. A separate visit will be arranged to discuss the results of your genetic test.

Before undergoing any clinical or genetic tests, it is recommended to be sufficiently insured. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is working closely with healthcare professionals to come up with guidelines aimed at protecting the rights of individuals with genetic conditions. On 27 October 2021, MOH implemented new rules that prohibit insurers from asking for the results of predictive genetic tests except in very limited circumstances. This protects individuals from being excluded from insurance coverage for conditions detected during genetic testing.

Neurogenetics - Preparing for surgery

Neurogenetics - Post-surgery care

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