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Lip and Palate

Lip and Palate - What it is

A 'cleft' is a gap, which can occur in the lip or palate (roof of the mouth) or both. The cleft lip may be as minor as a notch in the upper lip or as extensive as a wide fissure extending through the lip and gum (alveolar ridge) into the nose. The cleft may occur on one side of the lip (unilateral cleft lip) or on both sides of the lip (bilateral cleft lip). A cleft palate may occur in combination with a unilateral or bilateral cleft of the lip or it may occur with a completely normal lip.

Lip and Palate - Symptoms

Lip and Palate - How to prevent?

Lip and Palate - Diagnosis

Lip and Palate - Preparing for surgery

Lip and Palate - Post-surgery care

Lip and Palate - Other Information

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