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Costochondritis - What it is

​Costochondritis is a chest wall condition caused by inflammation of the joints between the bony ribs and the cartilages. These joints help in chest wall expansion during breathing, and thus can cause aching chest pain during exercise, and can be sometimes mistaken as a heart attack.

Costochondritis - Symptoms

The symptoms of costochondritis include:

  • A sharp, aching or pressure like pain at the chest area
  • Pain on touching the affected ribs
  • Worsening of pain with certain movements such as taking a deep breath, coughing, sneezing or when moving the affected area

Costochondritis - How to prevent?

Costochondritis - Causes and Risk Factors

​The cause of ostochondritis can be related to wear and tear of the chest wall joints, it can also worsen after injury or physical strain to the chest area.

Costochondritis - Diagnosis

​To diagnose costochondritis, your doctor may conduct a physical examination, such as examining the affected area for swelling or tenderness.

Costochondritis - Treatments

​Once the correct diagnosis is made, treatment involve adequate pain relief, rest as well as lifestyle modifications. This will allow time for the body can recover.

Costochondritis - Preparing for surgery

Costochondritis - Post-surgery care

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