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Nocturia (Night-time urination)

Nocturia (Night-time urination) - Symptoms

Nocturia (Night-time urination) - How to prevent?

Nocturia (Night-time urination) - Treatments

The causes of Nocturia are diverse, and the management plans are tailored to the individuals. The core strategies include:
  • Managing lifestyle habits
    • Reduce dietary salt intake
    • Avoid fluids consumption before sleep – at least 2 hours before bedtime
    • Avoid alcohol/caffeine in the evening
    • Taking you evening dose diuretic medication at earlier timing 
  • Treating underlying medical conditions 
  • Adjusting medication schedule
  • Treating urinary tract problems
  • Desmopressin – if you are prescribed this medication, you will require regular blood tests to monitor sodium levels
You can embark on the lifestyle modifications strategies as above to improve your Nocturia. Your doctor will have a more detailed discussion with you on the appropriate management plans during your consultation.

Nocturia (Night-time urination) - Preparing for surgery

Nocturia (Night-time urination) - Post-surgery care

Nocturia (Night-time urination) - Other Information

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