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NHCS Jump for Heart 2023

Do you know that 1 in 3 deaths in Singapore is due to cardiovascular conditions? While heart conditions are commonly afflicted on the elderly, there is also an uptick of cases among younger people due to unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles. To combat heart disease, there is an urgent need for us to strive for better heart health by staying active, and rope jumping is one of the many ways to keep your heart healthy! 

Join us in the fight against heart disease and for a good cause! 

The #NHCSJumpforHeart campaign aims to create awareness on heart disease and to raise funds for financially needy heart patients—through rope jumping. Here is how you can support the campaign:

  1. Donate and help raise funds for needy heart patients and their families, and/or 
  2. Join the #NHCSJumpforHeart workout challenge to help spread awareness on the importance of exercise for better heart health! Prizes to be won.
Read the story about our patient beneficiary, Jovan, and other hopeful stories here.

The campaign has ended on 15 October 2023.

Your Gift Saves Lives.
Make your donation via Paynow 
hereMake your donation via credit card here

Heart disease is a lifelong battle for most patients. A donation from you to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund can help our patients pay for their medical treatment after they have exhausted all options. It can also help defray costs for a non-ambulant patient in his/her transport. 

  • Donate at least SGD25 and get a cordless jump rope* as a token of appreciation.
  • Donate at least SGD120 and get a blood pressure machine (FULLY REDEEMED) in addition to a cordless jump rope* as a token of appreciation.

All donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction (for Singapore taxpayers only). 

*All items will be delivered to local addresses only. Items are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, and while stocks last. Each donor is limited to one set of tokens only.

The #NHCSJumpforHeart campaign is organised by the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS). By entering the routine, you agree that your participation will be governed by, and you shall abide by, all of the terms and conditions outlined below.​

(A) Submission Guidelines

  • The challenge is opened to all individuals, regardless of geographical location. However, should an individual win the challenge, he/she must have a valid Singapore address to claim the prize.
  • The entry must be posted on a public Instagram/Facebook account on newsfeed, i.e. stories will not be accepted.
  • Multiple entries are allowed. However, each Instagram/Facebook account holder is only entitled to win one prize.

(B) Announcement of Winners and Collection of Prizes

  • The top three posts (across both Facebook and Instagram) with the most 'likes' will each win $100 Grab SG vouchers. 
  • Winners will be contacted through NHCS's official Instagram or Facebook accounts.
  • Winners must respond within 5 working days with a Singapore address to claim their prizes. 
  • In the event where the winner does not respond by the given date, the prize will be forfeited
  • Each Instagram/Facebook account holder is only entitled to win one prize to ensure everyone gets a chance to win.

(C) Indemnity
  • Individuals with pre-existing health conditions are advised to consult their medical practitioner before attempting the rope jumping workout routines. 
  • NHCS will not be liable for any injury/loss of life sustained by participants while attempting the routines. 

(D) Publicity and Privacy/Rights
  • By participating in the challenge, the participants grant NHCS the right to use their names, Instagram handles, and submitted content for publicity purposes. 
  • Please refer to for SingHealth's policy, and/or email your queries and feedback to NHCS is a member of SingHeath, and is in accordance with the relevant policies of SingHealth.
For queries, please contact the NHCS Development Team at