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Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinical Elective Posting


This two to four weeks elective aims to provide medical students with basic knowledge of cardiac and/or thoracic surgery, which is usually not taught in detail as an undergraduate. It will equip pre‐internship students with the necessary exposure to invasive bedside procedures such as central venous line, arterial line, chest tube insertion, etc.

This programme will also help students to develop an in‐depth understanding of cardiopulmonary physiology as applied in the intensive care unit and cardiothoracic surgical setting. Students will be expected to follow and participate in the ward rounds, and assist the team, under supervision, in their ward work as well as join the many core curriculum teaching sessions and conferences organised by the NHCS for junior doctors.


Refer to the details under 'How to Apply' Tab


  • Understand the basic science underlying the practice of cardiothoracic surgery.
  • Exposure to the whole work process in the operating theatre as well as the management of the intensive care unit (ICU), post-surgery.
  • Opportunities to participate in invasive procedures at the ward and ICU level.
  • Participation in clinical research at departmental level is strongly encouraged.
  • Presentation at bedside tutorials will be particularly useful in the learning journey.

Learning Methods

  • Supervisors Pairing System:
    • One ward Consultant and one ward Registrar/Senior Registrar will supervise one to two students
  • Daily activities comprising the following
    • Ward Round
    • Operating Theatre
    • ICU Teaching (Bedside)
    • Pre-operative and post-operative rounds
  • Weekly activities comprising the following:
    • CTS Clinical Teaching
    • Cardiovascular Management Meeting
    • X‐ray conference
  • Monthly activities comprising the following:
      • Mortality and morbidity round
      • Corridor Consults
      • Principles and Foundation in Cardiac Surgery
      • Grand Ward Round
      • Senior Research Round
      • Junior Research Round


    Of note, students attached to NHCS will not be expected to carry out any ward-based invasive procedures such as IV Cannulation, blood-taking, pleural tap or central line setting even under supervision.