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Fellowship Training in Cardiac Computed Tomography


To provide training in the theoretical and practical aspects of Cardiac Computed Tomography.


6 - 12 months


Core Curriculum

  • Basic cardiac anatomy and cardiac morphology
  • Understanding the normal coronary architecture
  • Understand basic radiation physics and risks of medical radiation
  • Principles of CT and it's evolution
  • Principles of Cardiac CTA
  • Understanding Gating and it's importance
  • Appropriateness Criteria for Ordering Cardiac Calcium Scores and Cardiac CTA
  • Clinical application of cardiac calcium scoring in lipid therapy, prognostication and risk stratification
  • CT angiography : Clinical applications - what to do with the results
  • Pulmonary nodules : Fleischner Criteria and PIN registry data

Hands on Module

  • Calcium scores.  How to perform and interpret results
  • Calcium scores. What to do with the results in a clinical setting
  • Cardiac CTA - The normal cardiac CTA
  • Cardiac CTA - Mild and moderate lesions
  • Cardiac CTA - Severe and occluded segments
  • Functional Cardiac CTA.  EF assessment
  • Cardiac CTA - anomalies
  • Bypass graft assessments
  • Stent assessments
  • Extra cardiac findings

Completion of at least 150 mentored cases of cardiac CT/Calcium.

Admission Criteria

  • MMed, MRCP or its equivalent.  
  • Completed at least 2 years of general training in Cardiac Radiology or relevant ares of Cardiology.  

Hands-On Training


How to Apply
Interested applicants are to email their completed application form and CV to: 

NHCS Fellowship Administrator 
Office of Training & Education
National Heart Centre Singapore