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Assoc Prof Koh Su-Mei Angela

Assoc Prof Koh Su-Mei Angela

MBBS, MPH (Harvard), MRCP (UK), MMED (Int Med), FAMS (Cardiology), DIP CBNC (USA), FESC (EU), FACC (USA), FRCP (London)

Senior Consultant

National Heart Centre Singapore

Specialty: Cardiology

Clinical Interest: Cardiac Imaging

Clinical Appointments

  • Senior Consultant Department of Cardiology National Heart Centre SingaporeNational Heart Centre Singapore

Academic Appointments

  • Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School


Assoc Prof Angela Koh is a Senior Consultant with the Department of Cardiology at the National Heart Centre Singapore. Her clinical interests are multimodality cardiovascular imaging with a focus in nuclear cardiology and cardiac computed tomography, and cardiovascular disease. She is thrice awarded by the National Medical Research Council, Singapore, as a Clinician Scientist and principal investigator of several clinical research studies.


  • MPH Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University 2014
  • Diplomate, Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology 2011
  • MMED (Int Med) National University of Singapore Surgery 2007
  • MRCP Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom 2007
  • MBBS National University of Singapore 2004 

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore, May 2019 - Present
  • Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School - Present
  • World Heart Federation World Heart Observatory Expert Group, 2023
  • Fellow, American College of Cardiology
  • Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, London, UK
  • Fellow, European Society of Cardiology
  • Fellow, American Heart Association
  • Fellow, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
  • Clinical Lecturer, Clinical Faculty Scheme, National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore
  • Clinical Teacher, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Cardiology ACP
  • Member, Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care of the European Society of Cardiology
  • Member, Singapore Medical Association
  • Member, Singapore Cardiac Society


  • Outstanding Mentor Award, Singapore Medical Association, Wong Hock Boon Research Society, NUS, 2024
  • Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award, American Heart Association, 2023
  • World Heart Federation Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders Programme, 2022
  • Clinician Scientist Award (Investigator), National Medical Research Council, Singapore, 2022
  • Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award, American Heart Association, 2021
  • Clinician Scientist Award (Investigator), National Medical Research Council, Singapore, 2019
  • Outstanding Mentor Award, Wong Hock Boon Society, NUS, 2017
  • Singapore Health Service Quality Award 2016 (Silver)
  • Singapore Health Service Quality Award and 2017 (Gold)
  • Transition Award, National Medical Research Council, Singapore, 2014
  • SingHealth Publish Award (Medical Research), SingHealth Foundation, 2012
  • First runner-up, Young Investigator Award, at ICNC10 - Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT, Amsterdam – Netherlands, 2011 
  • Singapore Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) Fellowship, Singapore Health Services, 2011
  • American Heart Association Women in Cardiology Trainee Award for Excellence, Scientific Sessions in Chicago, Illinois, 2010 
  • NHCS Productivity Award, 2010 
  • NHCS Productivity Award, 2009 
  • Young Investigator Competition, Certificate of Merit, 14th Annual American Society of Nuclear Cardiology Scientific Session, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America, 2009 
  • Seah Cheng Siang M.Med (Internal Medicine) Gold Medal Award, National University of Singapore, 2007 

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular imaging
  • Cardiovascular Ageing
  • Pre-clinical and clinical cardiovascular disease conditions


(Selected Publications)

  • Koh JYP, Li S, Koh AS. Precision Measurement of Telomere Length as a Future Guide to Improve CVD Interventions. JAMA Cardiol. January 10, 2024. doi:10.1001/jamacardio.2023.5006
  • Kovalik JP, Zhao X, Gao F, Leng S, Chow V, Chew H, Teo LLY, Tan RS, Ewe SH, Tan HC, Wee HN, Lee LS, Ching J, Keng BMH, Koh WP, Zhong L and Koh AS. Amino acid differences between diabetic older adults and non-diabetic older adults and their associations with cardiovascular function. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2021;158:63-71. doi: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2021.05.009.:63-71. 
  • Gao F, Kovalik JP, Zhao X, Chow VJ, Chew H, Teo LL, Tan RS, Leng S, Ewe SH, Tan HC, Tan TY, Lee LS, Ching J, Keng BM, Zhong L, Koh WP and Koh AS. Exacerbation of cardiovascular ageing by diabetes mellitus and its associations with acyl-carnitines. Aging (Albany NY). 2021;13:14785-14805. 
  • Loh DR, Yeo SY, Tan RS, Gao F, Koh AS. Explainable Machine-Learning Predictions To Support Personalized Cardiology Strategies. European Heart Journal - Digital Health. 2021.
  • Keng BMH, Gao F, Teo LLY, Lim WS, Tan RS, Ruan W, Ewe SH, Koh WP, Koh AS. Associations between Skeletal Muscle and Myocardium in Aging: A Syndrome of “Cardio-Sarcopenia”?. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2019 Aug 16
  • Keng BMH, Gao F, Ewe SH, Tan RS, Teo LLY, Xie BQ, Koh WP, Koh AS. Galectin-3 as a candidate upstream biomarker for quantifying risks of myocardial ageing. ESC Heart Failure. 2019 Aug 8.
  • Angela S. Koh, Venkatesh L. Murthy, Arkadiusz Sitek, Peter Gayed, John Bruyere Jr, Justina Wu, Marcelo F. Di Carli, Sharmila Dorbala Left Atrial Enlargement Increases the Risk of Major Adverse Cardiac Events Independent of Coronary Vasodilator Capacity. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2015 Sep; 42(10): 1551-61
  • Koh AS, Lye WK, Chia SY, Salunat-Flores J, Sim LL, Keng FYJ, Tan RS, Chua TSJ. Long-Term Prognostic Value of Appropriate Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. Am J Cardiol 2017;119(12):1957-1962
  • Koh Angela S; Pan An; Wang Renwei; Odegaard Andrew O; Pereira Mark A; Yuan Jian-Min; Koh Woon-Puay The association between dietary omega-3 fatty acids and cardiovascular death: the Singapore Chinese Health Study. European Journal Of Preventive Cardiology 2015; 22(3):364-372
  • Koh Angela S; Flores Jennifer L S; Keng Felix Y J; Tan Ru San; Chua Terrance S J. Evaluation of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Society of Nuclear Cardiology appropriateness criteria for SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging in an Asian tertiary cardiac center. Journal of Nuclear Cardiology; 2011; 18(2):324-330
  • Koh AS, Gao F, Leng S, Kovalik JP, Zhao X, Tan RS, Fridianto KT, Ching J, Chua SJ, Yuan JM, Koh WP, Zhong L. Dissecting Clinical and Metabolomics Associations of Left Atrial Phasic Function by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Feature Tracking. Sci Rep 2018;8(1):8138-26456

Research Trials

(as Principal Investigator)

  • INDEPENDENCY: Tackling Disruptions to Frailty Interventions: Developing Personalized Interventions Targeted for Older Persons with Cardiac Frailty 
  • ESCAP-AGE: A Multi-Centre Randomized Clinical Trial of Exercise to Retard Cardiovascular Ageing
  • INTELLIGRATE: Intelligent Integrative Tool for Tackling Risks of Ageing-Related Cardiovascular Disease
  • NUCLEuS: Evaluating Dynamic Myocardial Blood Flow Quantitation As a Cost Effective Care Model for Diabetic Patients with Coronary Artery Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Cardiac Ageing Study
  • TO-ChERIsH: Trajectory of Cardiovascular Ageing, Its Determinants and Impact on Health
  • CONGLOMERATE: Conglomerating the Effects of Physical Activity on Cardiovascular Longevity in Ageing 
  • GLORIA - AF: Global Registry on Long-Term Oral Anti-thrombotic TReatment in PAtients with Atrial Fibrillation (Site-PI)
  • EaRneST: Exercise and CiRculating MetabolomicS: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial