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Clinical Appointments

  • Senior Consultant Department of Cardiology National Heart Centre SingaporeNational Heart Centre Singapore
  • Director of Electrophysiology and Pacing National Heart Centre SingaporeNational Heart Centre Singapore
  • Visiting Consultant Cardiology Service KK Women's and Children's HospitalKK Women's and Children's Hospital

Academic Appointments

  • Academic Vice Chair, Clinical Services SingHealth Duke-NUS Cardiovascular Sciences Academic Clinical Programme


Clinical Associate Professor Ching Chi Keong is a Senior Consultant with the Department of Cardiology and the Director of Electrophysiology and Pacing at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS). He is also the Chief Data and Digital Officer at NHCS. He is the Academic Vice Chair, Clinical Services of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Cardiovascular Sciences Academic Clinical Programme. His sub-specialty interest is in cardiac electrophysiology and pacing.

Clin Assoc Prof Ching graduated with his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 1995. He subsequently obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 2001 and the Certificate of Specialist Accreditation (Cardiology) in 2004.

Clin Assoc Prof Ching completed his clinical fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing at the Cleveland Clinic, USA, in 2007. During the fellowship, he acquired competency to perform catheter ablation of complex arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation and tachycardia as well as ventricular tachycardia. He received in-depth training in implantation and the optimisation of pacemakers, internal defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation therapy devices.

In recognition of his professional and research achievements, Clin Assoc Prof Ching was inducted as a Fellow of the ASEAN Society of Cardiology, Fellow of the Academy of Medicine (Singapore), and Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society, USA.

Clin Assoc Prof Ching also teaches at the Duke-NUS Medical School as a Clinical Associate Professor.


  • FHRS
  • FAMS (Cardiology)
  • MRCP (UK) 2001
  • MBBS National University of Singapore 1995

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore, Present
  • Director, Electrophysiology and Pacing, National Heart Centre Singapore, Present
  • Academic Vice Chair, Clinical Services of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Cardiovascular Sciences Academic Clinical Programme, June 2023 - Present
  • Chief Data and Digital Officer, NHCS, July 2022 - Present
  • Committee Member, International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), 2012 - Present  
  • Chairman, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) subcommittee, National Resuscitation Council Singapore, 2011
  • Member, National Resuscitation Council Singapore, 2011 - Present
  • Member, Singapore Cardiac Society, 2010 - Present
  • Fellow, Heart Rhythm Society (USA)
  • Fellow, ASEAN Society of Cardiology, 2010 - Present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Arrhythmia, 2009 - Present
  • Reviewer, Singapore Medical Journal, 2007 - Present


  • Human Manpower Development Fellowship Scholarship, Singapore, 2005
  • Second Prize (Poster Competition), American College of Cardiology - Ohio Chapter 16th Annual Meeting, 2006
  • Singapore Health Service Quality - Bronze Award, 2009
  • Singapore Medical Journal (SMJ) Best Research Paper Award - Second Prize, 2010
  • Singapore Health Service Quality - Silver Award, 2012
  • Singapore Health Service Quality - Gold Award, 2014

Research Interests


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Research Trials