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Dr Ang Hui Ying

Research Fellow 
National Heart Research Institute Singapore 
National Heart Centre Singapore ​

Dr Ang Hui Ying graduated and completed her Ph.D dissertation on cardiovascular tissue engineering scaffolds from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. Her current research interests include the applications of biomedical engineering in cardiovascular interventions, biodegradable materials and nanocomposite technology for medical device applications.

At the National Heart Research Institute Singapore, Dr Ang research focuses on enhancing the functionality of biomaterials and examining novel formulations for implantable biomedical devices such as coronary stents. Dr. Ang has worked with external collaborators from NTU and industry partners to develop and evaluate these devices.​​​​


  • Research Fellow, National Heart Research Institute Singapore, National Heart Centre Singapore


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  • NHIC I2D Grant (PI: A/Prof. Philip Wong) "NANO-SORB: Thin Biodegradable PLLA Stent Material Using Nanocomposite Fillers"​