Appointment Booking

How to make, change or cancel an appointment?

You are required to make prior appointment before coming for consultation. The appointment can be made by yourself or through your referring doctor via telephone, fax, email or the e-Appointment System. 

Tel: 6704 2000
Fax: 6222 9258

Click here to make an appointment online.

When using the online appointment system, some appointments may not be shown due to the following reasons:

  • No existing outpatient appointment
  • The validity of patient's last consultation may have expired
  • Patient was discharged with no follow-up appointment
  • Appointment was made via special arrangements
  • Patient confidentiality

Please call us at 6704 2000 if you require any assistance when using the online system for appointments at National Heart Centre Singapore.  


Outpatient Classification

Private Patients  

All non-resident patients are classified as private patients and all the investigations, consultation and treatment procedures will be subject to a 10% surcharge.

Patients are classified as private patients when the doctor is requested by name, regardless of their source of referral, or when they are referred by a General Practitioner (GP) or other private clinics.

For some private patients, there may be times when the doctor is unavailable due to some emergencies. When this happens, the clinic staff will inform you that another doctor will be assigned to see you instead. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, you can let the clinic staff know so that she can re-schedule another appointment for you.

Subsidised Patients

Patients referred by the polyclinics and do not specify a doctor will be classified as a subsidised patient. Subsidised patients will receive team-based care led by an assigned doctor, and may not be attended to by the same doctor at every visit. Should the patient request for his/her preferred doctor, he/she may do so with the understanding that he/she will be charged as a private patient.

What to bring for your visit

If this is your first visit to the Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC), please bring the following documents (where applicable):

  • NRIC or Passport (for foreign patients only)  

  • Referral letter from your referring doctor  

  • Civil Service Card (applicable to civil servants only)  

  • Medical Benefits Eligibility Card   

  • Proof of resident status, such as work permit and/or employment pass  


When you arrive at the clinic, please proceed to the self-registration kiosk located at either 4B Cardiac Clinic B (L4) or 5A Cardiac Clinic A (L5). Upon scanning your NRIC, collect the dispensed queue ticket and proceed to the first location stated on the slip and wait for your number to be called. Please feel free to approach our staff if you need any assistance.

Please note that consultation is by appointment and not on a first-come-first-serve basis.

On your first visit, the Patient Service Officer will give you a personal Outpatient Appointment Card which bears your name, hospital registration number and details about next visit. Please bring along this card with you each time you visit the clinic.


After your consultation, please proceed to the clinic counter to make payments for the consultation and/or tests.

You may settle your bill by cash, credit cards, NETS or personal cheques. Receipts will be issued for all payments. Please check the receipts issued and report any discrepancies to the staff concerned immediately.


If the doctor has prescribed medicines, you can collect for them at 2A Pharmacy (L2) or in the clinic itself.

If your doctor has prescribed drugs which are not listed in the hospital’s drug list, you can purchase the drugs from SGH retail pharmacy at Blk 4 Level 1 or any other retail pharmacy.

Follow-up appointment

If there is a follow-up appointment, please obtain an appointment date from our counter staff. The staff will arrange for an appointment date and write it on your Outpatient Appointment Card.

Listed for an elective procedure/ surgery

If you have been listed for an elective procedure/ surgery during the consultation, please proceed to the listing room where a nurse will be there to advise you on the following:

a. Scheduled date for the procedure/ surgery and pre-admission tests
b. Estimated bill size of the hospitalisation
c. Things to bring for the hospital stay

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