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Valvular Heart Disease

Valvular Heart Disease - How to prevent?

Valvular Heart Disease - Treatments

The treatment of specific valvular heart disease will vary, depending on the valve involved and the extent of damage or malfunction. Some patients will not require any specific treatment and many can be treated with medications. Sometimes, patients need surgery. If multi-valvular disease is suspected, the different valves may be evaluated during surgery on one of the affected valves. Women with heart valve disease and want to become pregnant should receive a thorough check-up and see a cardiologist regularly throughout their pregnancy.

Infective endocarditis
Depending on the type of bacterium that caused the disease, an appropriate antibiotic or combination of antibiotics will be used to treat infective endocarditis. Severe cases may be corrected by valve replacement surgery.

Rheumatic fever
Patients with rheumatic fever will be treated with antibiotics to eliminate streptococcal organisms that may still remain in the heart. Patients may receive antibiotics to prevent further infection, and inflammation may be treated with aspirin or cortisone-like drugs.

Valvular Heart Disease - Preparing for surgery

Valvular Heart Disease - Post-surgery care

Valvular Heart Disease - Other Information

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