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Mastocytosis - How to prevent?

Mastocytosis - Treatments

Most lesions will resolve after a few years. However, a small number of patients may have lesions that last till adulthood. Residual pigmentation may remain after regression of childhood disease.

The treatment of mastocytosis is mostly symptomatic, as there is no specific therapy or cure.

Some mastocytomas may improve or disappear with application of potent topical steroids.

Antihistamines may be given in patients with more symptomatic disease. These include but are not limited to cetirizine, loratadine, and hydroxyzine.

Other treatment options for patients with more severe symptoms include H2-blockers, cromolyn sodium, ketotifen, montelukast and phototherapy.

Your doctor may prescribe an epinephrine pen kit (EpiPen) if your child is at high risk of developing low blood pressure (hypotension) from degranulation of mast cells. It should be kept with your child at all times for emergency use.

Mastocytosis - Preparing for surgery

Mastocytosis - Post-surgery care

Mastocytosis - Other Information

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