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Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer - Conditions & Treatments | SingHealth

Cervical Cancer - Symptoms

Cervical Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors

Cervical Cancer - Diagnosis

How can cervical cancer be detected early?

  • On inspection and palpation of the cervix during an examination of the pelvis, a doctor may detect a lump in the cervix and raise a suspicion of an early cancer.
  • A very early cancer before it is visible to the naked eyes can be detected on a screening Pap smear test and the diagnosis confirmed on a special examination known as colposcopy.
  • Early cervical cancer carries a very good cure rate. In young women, treatment can be tailored to preserve fertility.

Cervical Cancer - Treatments

Cervical Cancer - Preparing for surgery

Cervical Cancer - Post-surgery care

Cervical Cancer - Other Information

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