An Odyssey of Discovery & Hope

Date​5 October 2018
​Venue​Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

Cocktails and canapes served from 6.30pm

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of NHCS, celebrating 20 years of providing quality healthcare to improve the lives of our cardiac patients.

Your philanthropic support has made a huge difference to our financially needy patients and their families, ensuring that they have timely access to medical care. Your generous support has also enabled us to accelerate discoveries through research and further enhance the knowledge and skills through education and training of the next generations of healthcare professionals at our Centre.

The Theme

The ocean brings to mind a kaleidoscope of images – the calming sounds of currents against the shore, the thunderous crashing of waves, the siren call of the ocean's deepest mysteries, and the treasures of its hidden depths. These form our inspiration for this year's theme – An Odyssey of Discovery & Hope.

In the ocean, there lies a world uncharted, just like the arena of cardiovascular care, where there are discoveries awaiting our researchers to unravel and develop innovative care. This same oceanic world holds within it many valuable things that require our advocacy and support, much like our needy heart patients, to ride the waves of life. We are determined to brave these waters, strive for more breakthrough discoveries to better patient care, and continue to build a legacy of medical excellence.

We invite you to join us as we chart our course for the future, with wind in our sails, and a spirit of adventure and courage.

The Dinner

  • Five-course specially crafted menu by Michelin-starred chefs:
      • Jean-Georges Vongerichten
      • Julien Royer
      • Beppe De Vito
  • Together with culinary genius Melina Yong
  • With Dr NK Yong curating the wine selection
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