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Programme Agenda (NEW!)

(+) Click on each session title to see the session programme in the expanded table

24th September 2022, Saturday

Chairpersons: Louis TEO, Raymond WONG 
09:00 AM ​Welcome Remarks Huang Zijuan
09:03 AMIntroductions Louis TEO
09:06 AMCardiac amyloidosis diagnosis and treatment KHOO Chun Yuan
09:22 AM ​The latest on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) TANG HAK Chiaw
09:35 AM ​Latest in Heart Failure treatment Julian LOH
09:50 AM ​Panel Discussion
10:00 AM ​COVID - Vaccination/COVID infection and the heart Mohammed Rizwan Amanullah
10:12 AM ​Cardio-oncology update: How to monitor for and manage cardiac complications of chemotherapy TAN Li Ling
10:28 AM ​Panel discussion
10:35 AM ​Intermission
​​Chairpersons: LIM Soo Teik, Eric LIM 
10:45 AM ​Introductions LIM Soo Teik
10:50 AMTAVI Updates HO Kay Woon
11:02 AMUpdates on catheter based interventions mitral/tricuspid regurgitation for the general cardiologist YEO Khung Keong
11:18 AM ​Panel Discussion 
11:28 AM ​Rate vs rhythm control of atrial fibrillation in 2022 Kelvin CHUA
11:41 AM ​Supraventricular tachycardia: Management and updates from recent guidelines Eric LIM
​11:55 AM ​Updates on LAA Closure Jonathan YAP
12:08 PM ​Panel discussion
12:23 PM ​Intermission
Chairpersons: CHIN Chee Tang, HO Hee Hwa
02:30 PM ​Introductions CHIN Chee Tang
02:35 PM ​‘Stable’ patients: Is there a role for revascularisation? CHIN Chee Tang
02:50 PMUpdate on INOCA: Fiction or underdiagnosed? Adrian LOW
03:05 PM ​Paradigm changes in antiplatelet management after PCI Fahim JAFARY
03:20 PM ​How to balance the bleeding and ischaemic risks in patients with atrial fibrillation and ischaemic heart disease TAN Ru San
​03:35 PM ​Panel discussion
03:55 PM ​Intermission

Chairpersons: Anders Sahlen, Jeffrey LAU
04:05 PM ​Introductions Anders Sahlen
04:10 PM ED scoring systems and high-sensitivity cardiac troponin protocols TING Boon Ping
04:25 PM ​Primary prevention of CVD - European approach to risk assessment and optimization Jannick Dorresteijn
04:40 PM ​Whats new in the toolbox for ASCVD prevention with lipid treatment KOH Si Ya Natalie
04:55 PM ​Screening prior to exercise (in athletes and non-athletes) YEO Tee Joo
05:10 PM ​Panel Discussion
​05:35 PM ​End of Day 1

25th September 2022, Sunday

Chairpersons: James YIP, Jonathan YAP
09:00 AM ​Introductions James YIP
09:05 AMUpdate in PAH TAN Ju Le
09:20 AM​Updates in CTEPH LIM Soo Teik
​09:35 AM ​Panel Discussion 
09:45 AM ​PE guidelines and treatment overview Sewa Duu Wen
10:00 AM ​Latest in PE catheter based treatment Kristen Alexa Lee
10:10 AM ​Prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism in medical patients, better prevention NG Heng Joo
10:25 AM ​Panel discussion
10:40 AM ​Intermission
​​Chairperson: HUANG Zijuan
10:45 AM ​Data interpretation: ECGs and EGM TAN Vern Hsen
​11:10 AM

Data interpretation​ KEH Yann Shan

  • Coronary angiography, invasive imaging and physiology
  • Invasive hemodynamics
​11:35 AMData interpretation: CT and MPI HUANG Zijuan
​12:00 PM ​Data interpretation: Echocardiography Ignasius Aditya Jappar
12:25 PM ​Closing Remarks HUANG Zijuan

Programme accurate as of 30 Jun 2022, subject to change without prior notice
Timing based on Singapore Standard Time (GMT +8)

Invited Faculty (NEW!) 
accurate as of 30 Jun 2022 

J.A.N (Jannick) Dorresteijn Vascular Medicine, University Medical Center Utrecht 

CHIN Chee Tang Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore  
CHUA Chi Ming Kelvin Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
HO Hee Hwa Cardiology, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
HO Kay Woon Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
Ignasius Aditya Jappar Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore 
KEH Yann Shan Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
KHOO Chun Yuan Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
KOH Si Ya Natalie Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
Kristen Alexa LEEVascular and Interventional Radiology, Singapore General Hospital
LAU Man Chun Jeffrey Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
LIM Soo Teik Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
LIM Tien Siang Eric Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
LOH Xingyuan Julian Kenrick Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
LOW Fatt Hoe Adrian Cardiology, National University Hospital
Mohammed Rizwan Amanullah Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
NG Heng Joo Haematology, Singapore General Hospital

Sahlen Anders Olof Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
Sewa Duu Wen Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Singapore General Hospital
TAN Vern Hsen Cardiology, Changi General Hospital
TAN Ju Le Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
TAN Li Ling Cardiology, National University Heart Centre Singapore
TANG Hak Chiaw Cardiology, Novena Heart Centre 
TEO Loon Yee Louis Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
TING Boon Ping Emergency Medicine, Sengkang General Hospital
YEO Khung Keong Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
YEO Tee Joo Cardiology, National University Heart Centre Singapore
YIP Wei Luen James Cardiology, National University Heart Centre Singapore

Organising Committee

​Course Director

HUANG Zijuan
Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore


Terrance CHUA
Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore

Committee Members

YAP Jiunn Liang Jonathan
Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
LIM Chun Yih Paul
Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
TAN Ru San
Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore
FOO Jie Sheng
Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore


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