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Covid-19 Visitor Policy

NHCS Visitor Policy

Please refer to our below latest visitor policy and guidelines for patients and visitors who are visiting NHCS.

  • Unwell visitors and accompanying persons will not be allowed in.
  • Children below 12 years old are not allowed into Short Stay Unit and wards unless patient is in following conditions: Pallative Care, ICU, under special social circumstances. *Indemnity form is required to be signed by parents/ guardians.
  • Anyone entering NHCS premises must complete the Declaration Form and check-in to the SafeEntry system with the TraceTogether app or token.

To Outpatient Clinics

Patients going to our outpatient clinics are allowed ONE accompanying person each.

You may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for advice on outpatient appointments (including doctor's appointments, blood tests, diagnostic tests), procedures and surgeries. 

All patients and visitors to NHCS are to undergo thermal screening and complete a declaration form at NHCS Level 2. Click here for more information.

To Short Stay Unit or Wards

From 19 August, only 1 registered visitor will be allowed per patient to our Short Stay Unit (SSU) or Wards#, for 30 minutes, per day.

Visitors or caregivers to our SSU or Wards are to be vaccinated or show a negative Covid-19 test result taken in the last 24 hour prior to the visit. Please refer to for MOH-approved providers. Contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.

Visits to Wards in SGH
From 19 August 2021, SGH has different measures for ward visitors based on their vaccination status.

For Fully or Partially Vaccinated Visitors
Show your vaccination status at our Visitor Registration Counters (VRC). Once we have your vaccination record, you do not need to register at VRC every day.

For Unvaccinated Visitors
Show your negative COVID-19 test result taken in the last 24 hours during registration at our VRC. Please refer to for MOH-approved providers. Contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.

Visitors, including registered caregivers, who are staying in the ward beyond the allowed duration and fulfill the visiting criteria are required to undergo a COVID19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at SGH's ART Centre.

For more information about the latest ward's visitor policy in SGH, visit here:

When going to the SSU or wards

  • No visitors are allowed for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients in the isolation wards (including ARI ward) until further notice.
  • Visitors are NOT allowed to eat or drink within the wards and should keep their masks on at all times while in the wards. They should also refrain from using patients’ toilets in the wards and avoid sitting on patients’ beds.      
  • DIL patients will be allowed five pre-designated visitors, with a maximum of two visitors at the patient’s bedside at any one time.

Exclude Isolation Wards

(Updated: 19 August 2021, 9am)