“Placing People First” Design Philosophy

Jointly designed by Ong & Ong and Broadway Malyan, the inspirational concept of the NHC new building was drawn from the “Placing People First” philosophy. It encompasses the needs of the various key users – the patient, the visitor and the staff.


Unique two fronts - institutional and garden

A distinctive feature is its two fronts - institutional and garden. The institutional front, the main approach for vehicles and houses the medical facilities, is quiet and formal. The garden front, at the other end, faces the National Cancer Centre Singapore. This serves primarily as the healing park and waiting area. The first and second storey will allow direct passage by the public from the institutional front to the garden deck, to promote integrated access to other facilities within the Campus.

Eco-friendly features, saving energy and reducing wastage

The new building will adopt various green building features, technologies and innovations to achieve better performance in energy efficiency, water usage, use of recycled and reusable materials, indoor environmental quality and environmental management. Examples include the passive solar strategy for the institutional front, which reduces heat emission and direct glare and sunlight into the building while introducing diffuse daylight condition and cutting overall energy consumption; and the use of environmental friendly building elements which are energy efficient in fabrication, self-cleansing and long-lasting. The use of sustainable construction defines a green benchmark for healthcare design in South-East Asia.


Ease of navigation

With the ‘Placing People First’ concept in mind, the new building introduces intuitive wayfinding, with most facilities visible from the main reception, bringing ease and convenience to the patients and visitors.


Healing elements

Welcoming pockets of green will be peppered around in the building. Greenery is a natural healing element and helps emits natural lights – like extension of the garden deck into the building. Quality daylight will also be introduced throughout the building.

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