07 Aug 2018
War on diabetes: It pays to keep your sweetheart in mind
Asst Prof Chin Chee Tang, Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NHCS shared that patients with diabetes have a tendency to develop coronary atherosclerosis at an earlier age.
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01 Jul 2018
Mind that flu-like condition (Singapore Health)
Patients may not even know they have it. Even in severe cases, the majority of people who get timely treatment recover fully, with no lasting damage to their heart, said Dr Philip Pang, Associate Consultant, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, NHCS.
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01 Jul 2018
Stem cells to fix hearts (Singapore Health)
In a clinical trial, patients' own stem cells are used to heal their weakened hearts.
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11 Jun 2018
Guardian of life (The Straits Times)
Senior staff nurse Zhou Zhong Fang worked at the National Heart Centre Singapore's cardiac catheterisation laboratory before commencing on her part-time degree to learn more about providing high-quality care to patients.
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09 May 2018
Now, fewer surgeries cancelled (Singapore Health)

Better evaluation of patients before operations has reduced last-minute cancellations.

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09 May 2018
New drugs for cholesterol

People with high cholesterol levels who cannot tolerate statins, or find it does not work for them, now have new drugs that may help.

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08 May 2018
Study may change care of heart patients
Doctors can now identity heart failure patients who are likely to survive longer with proper care, thanks to a study carried out in Singapore and New Zealand. The results of the research, which looked at different types of the condition, could change the way up to one in three heart failure patients is cared for. The seven-year study of more than 2,000 patients found that the ejection fraction – the amount of blood pumped out when the heart contracts – is the deciding factor.
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19 Apr 2018
Expanding clinical scope of nurses (The Straits Times)
At National Heart Centre Singapore, the clinical scope of senior nurses and advanced practice nurses have been broadened.
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13 Apr 2018
Spike in heart attacks, but fewer dying (The Straits Times)
Only one in 12 people hit by attacks dying as treatments have become better and quicker
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26 Mar 2018

新保集团杜克- 国大精密医学研究所信息总监林勇康指出,研究人员不要求参与者回答问卷,就能直接使用可穿戴科技数据进行研究。这是尚未开发的生物医学资源,而且即便宜又简单。

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20 Mar 2018
Activity trackers could help predict heart problems: Singapore researchers
Researchers put 233 volunteers through a series of clinical tests and used Fitbit activity trackers to monitor the number of steps they took, their heart rates and sleeping patterns over a week.
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06 Mar 2018
Avoiding the tipping point in hypertension (Singapore Health)
Doctors here have discovered a new way of identifying which patients with hypertension are at risk of heart failure, even before they show symptoms.
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02 Feb 2018
New diabetes drugs cut heart failure risk (Singapore Health)
An exciting new class of medicine for people with type 2 diabetes, which cuts their risk of heart failure and death, is now available in Singapore.
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26 Jan 2018
国家心脏中心研发风险指数有助高血压患者避免心衰竭 (联合早报)


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23 Jan 2018
Preserving rare blood types for a rainy day
Extending shelf life is important, as only 1.5 per cent of donors in 2016 had negative blood types
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